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Living in Delaware– Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States, with only 687 sq miles. It’s about the size of Rhode Island or Kuwait. Delaware also has four counties. New Castle County is home to Wilmington, Dover, Felton and Red lion. Sussex County is known for its serene countryside and unspoiled beaches, Lower Norfolk County offers historic mansions, farms and living in delaware.

Delaware has a humid subtropical climate. Snow is rare, but most winters will have at least one or two snowfalls that accumulate an inch or two. Summers are warm with average high temperatures in the upper 80s Fahrenheit living in delaware. The state sees an average of about 40 inches of rain per year living in delaware living in delaware.

Delaware is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is bordered to the south and west by Maryland, to the northeast by New Jersey, and to the north by Pennsylvania. The state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia’s first colonial governor , after whom what is now called Cape Henlopen was originally named.

Living in Delaware

Delaware is 95 miles (153 km) long and ranges from 9 miles (14 km) to 35 miles (56 km) across, totaling 1,954 square miles (5,060 km²), making it the second-smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island . Delaware is bounded to the north by Pennsylvania; to the east by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay , New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean ; and to the west and south by Maryland.

living in delaware

Small portions of Delaware are also situated on the eastern side of The Chesapeake Bay estuary. The state of Delaware, together with the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland and two counties of Virginia, form the Delmarva Peninsula, which stretches down the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Delaware is divided into three counties . From north to south , these three counties are New Castle , Sussex , and Kent Counties . While the southern two counties have land along the Atlantic Ocean , the northern county is all land with no access to the sea. Of this northernmost county, Sussex County has the highest population and population density, owing to its southern location within the state and lack of land borders with other states.

What’s the weather like in Delaware

In Delaware, you can experience four seasons. In the spring and summer, temperatures can reach as high as 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, you’ll be living with a cooler temperature of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit Delaware is from March to November when the rains stay away and it’s more tropical.

What are some of the attractions in Delaware

Delaware has a lot of attractions that will interest you no matter what your interests are. One attraction that I would recommend is the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. There are exhibitions that demonstrate how sailors lived on battleships during World War II. You might also want to visit Silver Lake State Park where you can swim, canoe, and fish ..

What are the living costs like in Delaware

Living in Delaware can be a bit expensive. The living cost for a single person living on their own is around $8,000 a year. To live comfortably with roommates, you could expect to pay around $11,500 a year. Your living costs in Delaware will depend on where in the state you are living. The living costs in Wilmington are much higher than living costs in Dover ..

What is the average cost of health care in Delaware

Health care in Delaware varies depending on what age group you fall into. For young people under 18, they have free access to preventative services. After 18, they’re required to purchase health insurance if they don’t already have it. If you’re uninsured, you’ll usually pay an average of $341 per month for a policy. In Delaware, living in poverty won’t get you much medical attention unless ..

What are the living conditions like in Delaware

There is a wide range of living conditions in Delaware. The living conditions are best in the suburban areas of Wilmington and Dover where you’ll find homes that are big with plenty of space to live comfortably inside. Families living in these suburbs also have their own community centers which they can use for recreational purposes ..

What is the unemployment rate like in Delaware

The unemployment rate in Delaware is low. People living in the coastal areas of Delaware have generally high living standards. The living standards in Wilmington are very different from living standards in Dover, where living costs are lower. Unemployment is highest in the southern part of the state, which has been hit hard by industrial decline ..

What language do people speak most commonly at home

In Delaware, most people living in English speaking homes speak English at home. There are some people living in Hispanic or Latino homes that will speak Spanish more commonly at home. Most of the people living in African American homes also tend to speak English among themselves, but if they have children living with them under 18, they may speak a different language around their kids ..

How many people in Delaware speak a second language

Most of the people living in Delaware today don’t speak a second language. However, living in Wilmington and living along the coast or living in Philadelphia will increase your chances of living with someone who fluently speaks Spanish. The number of people that speak other languages is dwindling because most immigrant groups do not bring their older generations with them ..

What are the most common religions in Delaware

The most common religion living today in Delaware is Christianity. Catholics living in Delaware have a tendency to be Irish or Italian, living along the coast or living in Philadelphia. Non-Christian religious people living in Dover tend to be African American living along the southern part of Wilmington. The living standards of these religious groups living in Delaware are low ..

What is the most common sexual orientation living in Delaware

The gay and lesbian community living in Wilmington, Dover, and Lewes have a tendency to be several years younger than heterosexuals living in the same area. The average age for gays and lesbians living along the coast or living

What’s the median rental price in Delaware?

Housing is among the most important aspects to think about before making your decision regarding relocation to Delaware. The average is 2.1 percent of houses and apartments in Delaware are available for rental. This is a quick overview of the typical cost of renting a property in Delaware:

  • The cost of an apartment for a studio in Delaware is $812.
  • The median cost for one-bedroom homes or apartments in Delaware is $929.
  • The cost of a two-bedroom house or apartment in Delaware is $1,136.
  • The cost of an apartment or a home with three bedrooms in Delaware is $1,504.
  • The median cost for an apartment or home with four bedrooms in Delaware is $1,730.
  • Standard benefits:
  • – living in a safe and healthy state.
  • – living near the beach.
  • Emotional benefits:
  • – living where you can experience 4 seasons.
  • – living in a state with no income tax.
  • – living in a laidback and relaxed environment.
  • Education benefits:
  • – living near many universities, such as the University of Delaware and Wilmington University.
  • Cultural benefits:
  • – living where you can experience different cultures.
  • -Cost of living: Medium to high (These prices were estimated by me and living in Delaware)
  • – living in a town where you can buy fruits and vegetables from the farms.

Living in Delaware is living in the best of both worlds. With its beaches on one side and mountains on the other, living in this state can be peaceful, fun, and inviting all at once. But what else do you need to know before living here?

Delaware has low property taxes compared with most states. The average home value is $160,000 and the average yearly property tax is less than $2000.

There are a variety of living communities in Delaware from apartments to condos to cottages to single-family homes. Renting an apartment starts at around $500 a month while a three bedroom home will start around $1600 a month.

Delaware has many living communities near the water, which is a popular living option for those who love living by the beach. And living on the beach comes with more than just views and convenience: there are also additional living expenses like upkeep and rent or homeowner’s association fees.

What are the top career options in Delaware?

The rate of unemployment in Delaware is comparable to that of the average across America. If you’re looking to get work after you move to Delaware it is worth considering some of the best jobs available within the State. Here’s a list of the most rapidly expanding careers in Delaware:

RankJob TitleGrowth % Average Wage Jobs in 2024
1. Home Health Aid 130.1% $31,2903,630
2. Personal Care Assistant 128.7%$23,3701,750
3. Business Analyst 122.0%$94,7204,000
4. Electrician 118.3%$56,3002,590
5. Hvac Technician 118.0%$52,2602,360
6. Software Developer 117.8%$100,2903,040
7. Carpenter 117.7%$46,2403,190
8. Marketing Internship 117.5%$79,2802,280
9. Plumber 116.8%$57,2201,180

Pros and Cons OF Living in Delaware

The Pros of living in Delaware are that many people are moving to the state. This is leading to an increase in economic activity. The Pros also include the fact that Delaware still offers a generational ground with most old-time values fast disappearing in most states.

This includes small towns with plenty of green spaces for childrens play, ample lush fields for horseback riding, lakes for swimming and boating. The Pros also include access to water-related activities, proximity to beaches and mountains, easy access to New York City or Washington D.C, affordable taxes, low unemployment rates among adults, low crime rates including robberies.

The Cons of living in Delaware are that it’s still difficult finding a partner, many people are getting older without family of their own. The Cons include the fact that, in many small towns, there are few people to socialize with. This includes fewer options to meet other eligible bachelors or married couples.

It often becomes quite boring to stay in Delaware during night time when most restaurants are closed, unless you have a vehicle for traveling very far away from home. Another con is there is no public transportation, most people depend on their own vehicle which can be costly over time. There are also few good employment opportunities in the state, making it difficult for educated individuals to find a job that matches their qualifications or even interests.

What makes Delaware so great? Pros and cons of living in Delaware

Delaware is a small state, with its population of about 835,000 people. It has the highest GDP per capita in the United States at $72,949. The pros and cons of living in Delaware are listed below.

The Pros of living here

There are many pros to the state of Delaware. Firstly, it is convenient because everything is located close together. Wilmington is 20 minutes away from New Castle County and Dover also takes about 20 minutes to get too making it easy for commuters to make their way through the state. Secondly, there are many places around here that offer employment such as banks, hospitals and schools.

On top of that, Delaware has many state parks that offer lots of outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and kayaking which is great for the whole family and dogs too! Another pro to living in Delaware is that there are no tolls on the roads here at all. On top of that, a lot of the famous musicians in America live here in Delaware such as Lauryn Hill and Dave Matthews. Lastly, it’s pretty close to some really nice beaches such as Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach which is great for summer getaways!

Seasons are here

If you take into consideration the warm temperatures during summer and mild temperatures during winter, Delaware is a state that can be enjoyed year round.

During autumn, the temperatures in Delaware tend to drop causing the trees to change colors and allowing tourists to enjoy watching or participating in sporting events such as golf. In colder months, people from all over flock to Delaware for its many beaches where they can spend time with friends and/or family.

-If you are someone who enjoys relaxing on the beach, Delaware has many beaches that vary in size. Whether you prefer to go out of state (for example Ocean City, Maryland) or like to stay at home, there is a beach for everyone’s taste.

lowest taxes

Delaware is the one state with the lowest taxes in all of America.  This makes it extremely attractive to those who are retired or on a fixed income. A person could live off their social security alone and never have to pay taxes on that retirement.  Such is not the case in other states that have higher taxes, where social security can seem to disappear thanks to taxation.

Delaware is a fantastic retirement spot

.Delaware has some of the top medical facilities that are available throughout the United States. It is also close to hospitals that are nationally recognized such as Johns Hopkins and Jefferson University Hospital. If you consider the benefits of having a home in this area and the variety of recreational opportunities available across the entire coast, you can enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle should you choose to move to the area.

Even if you’re still managing a household and aren’t close to retirement, Delaware offers an opportunity for you to begin saving some money so you can concentrate on the goals you’ve set for the rest of your life.

It is possible to live in a central location when you choose to make Delaware your home.

Delaware provides you with an area for your home which is located about 30 minutes from the ocean regardless of where you decide to reside. It also provides the benefit of a central location that gives you access to several of the major metro regions located along the eastern coast in the United States. The majority of cities can be reached by train, so you can travel to work every day, even when you have a long distance you need to travel. That’s another reason that living in the city is so affordable.

No state income tax

Delaware also has no state income tax.  This makes it attractive for people who work out of Delaware and live outside of Delaware.  Again, this situation helps retired couples who are on fixed incomes.  They get to keep more of what they earned and did not have to pay income tax on it.

Finally, Delaware has no sales tax either, unless the place that you shop at is located outside of Delaware and then charges a sales tax on top of the price for an item bought in Delaware. The Pros of Living in Arkansas:

Delaware has a very short learning curve when it comes to driving.  People from out-of-state can get their licenses in just 30 days, and there are no restrictions on drivers over the age of 62.

Delaware is a proud state that has become well known for its beautiful beaches and unique wildlife. Despite the many positives, there are also many negatives about this state that people should know before deciding to move here or not.

The Cons of living here

Although there are many pros to living in Delaware, there are also many cons too. Firstly, there is a crime rate here that is much higher than the rest of America which makes it not as safe to live in. On top of that, property values are pretty high here which makes it more expensive for people who are looking to buy a house or try and rent one too. Another con to living in Delaware is that, for some reason, we have the highest number of people getting fired from their jobs without any warning or appropriate reason.


  • -Watching your everyday dollar can be a challenge in Delaware. The cost of living is high and can hurt a family that is on a budget.
  • -Not only the cost of living, but many items are priced higher than other states because there are no major cities in this state allowing it to be isolated from large retailers.
  • -Many people who live in Delaware do not have access to public transportation and must drive their cars even if it is for short distances. If you like to walk, biking or taking the bus/train, this state will not be a good fit for you.

Delaware is struggling with the issue of a lack in doctors.

Although you will have access to top-quality healthcare in the first few months of living in Delaware however, you might encounter difficulties trying to establish a connection with a primary healthcare physician. It is not uncommon for doctors to have their practice filled in just six months. You might find that you have to go across Maryland and New Jersey just to have your annual physical or get a checkup that you are required to have.

The emergency treatment here is amazing, however you must be prepared for more travel costs if you have regular health problems that you’re managing at the moment.

It is necessary to travel out of Delaware to take one of the many international flight

.If you choose to begin living in Delaware and you want to move there, you’ll have to think about your transportation requirements very cautiously. New Castle Airport is the main airline for Delaware, however they only offer a few of options for destinations within the United States. There aren’t any direct international flights are accessible from the airport in your area. This means that you’ll need take a drive or taxi into Philadelphia or Baltimore (or use the train or shuttle) for those who want to travel the world during your retirement, or while you’re taking a vacation.

Hurricanes pose very dangerous for Delaware.

When you start living in Delaware and you are a resident, you should be aware of storms such as Hurricane Florence due to the weaknesses that exist within the state. While there hasn’t been any storm that made landfall over the last 100 years or so, even a severe nor’easter could be devastating such as the one which devastated the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk in the 1960s. 

The blunder that Sandy dealt to the state of Delaware in 2012 caused difficulties for a lot of homeowners. It is important to talk with your homeowner’s insurance company to discuss the options that best suit your needs here as well as additional flood insurance to make sure that your property assets are protected as they need.

What makes Delaware stand out:

  1. -Many people who live in Delaware do not have access to public transportation and must drive their cars even if it is for short distances. If you like to walk, biking or taking the bus/train, this state will not be a good fit for you.
  2. -Although Delaware may seem isolated from other states, this can be seen as both a positive and negative thing because there are many things that people do not know about Delaware
  3. Delaware is located in the east coast, and considered to be a small state. It has an area of 3,557 sq mi. Delaware’s largest city is Wilmington and its capital is Dover.

Here are the Top 5 things to know before moving to Delaware:

1. Top 5 things you should know before moving to Delaware: State income tax

Delaware does not have a state income tax for individuals, but they do charge a rate of 6.6% on taxable interest and dividends. Residents that live in Newark, Wilmington, Dover or Lewes are required to file an annual nonresident tax form with the Delaware Division of Revenue.

2 Top 4 things you should know before moving to Delaware: State liquor tax

Liquor is taxed at a rate of $3 per gallon and wine and beer are taxed at a rate of $0.12 per gallon which comes out to an additional cost between 4 and 20% on your wine and alcohol purchases, depending on the location of your grocery or liquor store.

3 Top 3 things you should know before moving to Delaware: Annual car inspection is required

Every vehicle that’s registered in Delaware needs to have an annual safety inspection performed by a state-certified mechanic. Most garages will perform the inspection during an oil change, but it is important to check with your mechanic to make sure.

4 Top 2 things you should know before moving to Delaware: Top of the ticket prices for a movie

For a family of four, it’s going to cost between $36 and $48 depending on the location in which you live. In Dover, which is toward the top end price range, that will get you two kids under the age of 11, one adult ticket and a pitcher of soda.

5. Top 1 things you should know before moving to Delaware: Top of the line rental rates for apartments in Dover

According to Rent Jungle , the average rent for an apartment in Dover is $1,582 which comes out to be about $695 per person. Top-of-the-line apartments in Dover can fetch up to $3,000 per month so this should serve as a better idea of rent prices.

  • In Delaware, the average snowfall is 23 inches. The seasonal snowfall can be as high as 60 inches.
  • In Delaware, there are no restrictions for what a person may possess and consume independently on private property.
  • In Delaware, a person of any age may purchase alcohol without a liquor license from a grocery store or convenience store if they accompany the individual who is buying the alcohol.
  • In Delaware, you do not have to wear a safety belt or helmet if you are 16 years or older and riding on a motorcycle that has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency as meeting certain emissions standards.
  • In Delaware, a person may not gamble in a public place. Things that are not considered a ‘public place’ include: casinos, racetracks, video lottery terminals at casinos and places of amusement.
  • In Delaware, it is illegal for any parent or legal guardian to allow someone to consume alcohol in their home if they know the alcohol is intended for consumption by someone under the age of 21.
  • In Delaware, a person must complete a course in traffic safety and obtain a certificate from a police officer before they may be issued a learner’s permit. Things that are not included in this requirement include: motorcycles, motor-driven cycles or mopeds.

Things to not miss about Living in Delaware

Things not to miss about living in Delaware include Cape Henlopen State Park. The park is an extensive, 19-mile-long stretch of coastline and beaches on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Delaware near Lewes. The park has a rich and diverse natural environment, including forested and coastal habitats that provide habitat for more than 250 animal species and 25 breeding species of sea turtles.

Things to do in the park include camping, fishing, swimming and surf casting. Things not to miss about living in Delaware also include the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, which has been called one of America’s Best Spring-Cleaning Gifts by “Budget Travel” magazine and is home to numerous restaurants and shops as well as a variety of entertainment options. Things not to miss about living in Delaware also include the historic city of Wilmington, with its charmingly eclectic architecture and numerous museums. Things not to miss about living in Delaware are many because this Mid-Atlantic state’s culture is rich and diverse.

  • When you live in Delaware, there are some things you just can’t miss. One of those places is Rehoboth Beach. This beautiful town on the coast is a great place to spend a day (or more). Here are a few things not to miss when you’re in Rehoboth Beach:
  • The beach itself is definitely one of the biggest attractions. With its soft sand and gentle waves, it’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.
  • Another great thing about Rehoboth Beach is the boardwalk. It’s perfect for a walk or a bike ride, and there are plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat or a drink.
  • Finally, don’t forget to check out some of the local stores and shops. There are plenty of great places to shop, so you can pick up unique souvenirs or gifts for friends or family back home.

The best places to live if you’re looking for

  • Newark : located close to the University of Delaware and major interstate highways, this town has a lot to offer anyone who wants to live in Delaware. Most homes for sale here are affordable and well below the average prices that you’d find in any other Delaware towns. Things you’ll want to experience while living in Newark include beer tasting at local breweries, grabbing a slice from the original Trolley Square Pizza, and visiting Newark Arts Alliance to see what’s going on around town
  • Wilmington: this city is located along the Christina River where you’ll find all sorts of different places to live. Things here include museums, restaurants, several colleges and universities, parks and other outdoor activities. Things you’ll want to experience while living in Wilmington include going to the Delaware Art Museum, grabbing a beer at one of many bars or breweries, and visiting Brandywine Park to see what’s going on around town.
  • Middletown: this historic city has been growing since its founding in 1723. Things here include historical homes, buildings, churches, parks and shopping. Things you’ll want to experience while living in Middletown include visiting the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic for its Discovery Center or grabbing a meal at one of many great restaurants.
  • Newark: this is the largest city in Delaware and located close to Baltimore, Maryland where there are plenty of things to do. Things here include several colleges and universities, beaches, historic sites and museums. Things you’ll want to experience while living in Newark include going to the nation’s first zoo at First State National Historical Park or grabbing a meal at one of many great restaurants.
  • Seaford: this town is located along Nanticoke River where you’ll find all sorts of different places to live and work. Things here include several historical sites, parks and outdoor activities. Things you’ll want to experience while living in Seaford include going fishing, kayaking or canoeing on the river or grabbing a meal at one of many great restaurants.

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